Probably the first thing you have to remember is that a lot of those extra pounds are water weight and the second thing to remember is that
there are fad diets all over the place and the weight will drop off but as soon as you stop the diet it will come right back on with a vengence.
Why not, and especially since we are in the first month of our brand new year, start a lifestyle change and not only lose the weight but keep it off.
Be the beautiful you that you are and when you look into the mirror be pleased with what you see.  Nothing is more important than our health.  All the millions in the world won’t buy it!  We can eat deliciously, with compassion and with consciousness and lose weight.
The title of this article is talking about “This Week.”  It might be fun to think about what you want to do for yourself and get started on Monday.   The way we eat is habit.  We are used to it…try something different that will take off the weight and put a glow in your skin, and a smile on your face.

1.  When you get up in the morning, before brushing your teeth, drink a nice large glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it.
I say before brushing as we don’t want to leave any lemon on the enamal of our teeth.

2.  Do not eat any processed or refined foods and stay away from fast food restaurants.

3.  Watch your salt intake.  Processed and refined foods are full of salt and salt retains water so…guess what, a lot of water weight.

4.  I tend to graze all day and not gain weight.  That works depending what you want to graze on.  Make a dip that you enjoy such as
hummus and dip carrot sticks, apple slices, celery etc. into it or just eat these fruits and veggies raw.  There are some excellent organic crackers that you can buy.   Do not graze on potato chips, french fries and the like.  All that does is put more pounds on your body.

5.  Do not use oils of any kind.  This includes olive.  All oil is 100% fat.  Canola oil is cheap and that’s why its use is so widespread but it is not a healthy oil.  Canola is one of the crops that is genetically modified.  Maybe there is some organic canola but I’ve never seen it.  You do not need oil to start a soup of stew etc.  Use water or a vegetable broth.  You can buy organic veggie cubes.  Use those if you choose but there is so much flavor in the veggies that you are cooking water is just fine.

6.  Cook intuitively.  Your senses need to be involved.  Taste, touch, sight, smell and feel.  It is a beautiful sight to make a salad with all kinds of colors.  It is not only appealing to the eyes but it is appealing to the taste buds.  Don’t be afraid to put all kinds of colors into your salads like red, green and yellow peppers, red tomatoes, brown raisins, cream colored nuts, green and yellow squash etc. etc.  Use your imagination.   This holds true for all your meals.

7.  Stay away from animal products.  You do not need them nor do you crave them.  It is the chewing you crave.  We are not carnivores.  You have a world of wonderful foods to choose from.  Choose wisely!  Vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds are sold in abundance.  We are very lucky indeed!  And, buy organic whenever possible.

8.  Stay away from dairy products.  They come from animals and are not helpful to you.  Think about how much weight a baby cow gains in a year.  Lots!  Not to mention the possibility of exposing yourself to breast cancer from the casein in milk.  There are many excellent milks available such as almond, rice, soy etc.

9.  Eat breakfast.  I do not mean a breakfast full of eggs, milk etc.  Eat a good granola with fresh fruit on top or make a smoothie with fruits and veggies.  Buy a good vegan cookbook.  There are lots of them available.  I think cookbooks are great to give you a nice start on eating a different way and giving you new ideas to wrap your imagination around.

10. EXERCISE!  Move your body and stretch.  Take a nice morning walk and breathe deeply.  Don’t take the elevator…walk up and down the stairs.   Park a distance away from where you want to go in the shopping center etc.   Don’t have time in the morning for a walk…take a nice evening walk.  Have a pool?  Swim or just move about in the water.  Don’t have a pool…join the YMCA…The “Y” has all kinds of great exercise classes.  Take care of your body.  No one else is going to do it for you and no one else is responsible.  Along with good food and exercise spend some time relaxing and/or meditating.  It’s all about mind, body and soul!

11.  If I can help you in any way please let me know.  My Facebook page is  Also, sign up for my freenewsletter.  Lots of good and helpful information as well as all kinds of delicious recipes.

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