Disadvantages of Genetically Modified FoodsEven medical doctors understand the disadvantages of genetically modified foods. The foods look the same but they are not. Our breads, pies, sodas, soy products, corn products and a myriad of other food stuffs have genetically modified ingredients in them.

Genetically Modified Food List

More than 70% of the foods on supermarket shelves contain derivatives of the eight Genetically Modified foods on the market. These foods are soy, corn, canola and cottonseed oil, sugar from sugar beets, Hawaiian papaya and a bit of zucchini and yellow crookneck squash. This is only the beginning. The bio-tech industry hopes to genetically engineer virtually all remaining vegetables, fruits, beans and grains. We havn’t even begun to talk about what will be done to our food animals including our fish.

Genetically Engineered Soy is Dangerous

An Ohio allergist, Dr. John Boyles, said, “Now that soy is genetically engineered it is so dangerous that I tell people never to eat it.” Another renowned biologist, Pushpa M. Bhargava, PhD, believes that GM foods may be a major reason for the recent rise in serious illnesses in the U.S. I might add here that the U.S. is growing way more genetically modified crops than any other country.

In May 2009, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) publicly condemned genetically modified organisms in our food supply. The organization stated that these organisms posed “a serious health risk. The US government was called on to implement an immediate moratorium on all genetically modified foods and physicians were urged to prescribe non-GMO diets for all their patients.

According to the AAEM several animal studies reveal a long list of disorders. These disorders include ‘infertility, immune dysregulation, accelerated aging, dysregulation of genes associated with cholesterod syntheses, faulty insulin regulation, changes in the liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system.”

Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods

Here is an interesting thought…Genetically Modified foods were introduced in 1996.

Within nine years the incidence of people in the U.S. with three or more chronic diseases nearly doubled. This moved from 7% to 13%. Visits to the emergency room due to allergies doubled from 1997 to 2002 and overall food related illnesses doubled from 1994 to 2001. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and autism are also among the conditions that are skyrocketing in the U.S. The fact remains that the first three of these diseases; obesity, diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders have been on the rise in the U.S. and many other countries due to the American Diet and a MacDonalds on every corner but who knows. There is certainly enough evidence pointing to the fact that the Genetically Modified Foods may be one of the culprits as well.

What if the Genetically Modified Foods throughout our food supply are creating common diseases which come on slowly? This would be almost impossible to confirm but AAEM president, Dr. Jennifer Armstrong states that, “Physicians are probably seeing the effects of these GMO’s in their patients.” “Physicians need to know how to ask the right questions.” “The patients at greatest risk are the very young. Children are the most likely to be adversely effected by toxins and other dietary problems related to genetically modified foods. Our children are “the experimental animals” as they consume more and more of the Genetically Modified ingredients. These children don’t read labels!!! Think about it. How many of us examine everything we eat that has a label looking for the magic words, NON GMO.

It is a fact that there isn’t enough scientific evidence showing that Genetically Modified plants / food are toxicologically safe. As stated by renowned Canadian geneticist David Suzuki, “The experiments simply havn’t been done and we now have become the guinea pigs.” Suzuki also said that “Anyone that says, ‘Oh, we know that this is perfectly safe,’ I say is either unbelievably stupid or deliberatey lying.”

The U.S. policy in effect today denies knowledge of the scientists’ concerns and declares that no safety studies on Genetically Modified Foods are required. They deny the disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods. It is up to Monsanto and the other biotech companies – who have a long history of lying about the toxicity of their earlier products – to determine if their own foods are safe.

After overseeing Genetically Modified Food policy at the FDA, Mr. Taylor worked on GMO issues at the USDA and then later became Monsanto’s vice president. In 2009 Taylor was appointed by the Obama administration as the de facto US Food Safety Czar at the FDA. You tell me! We, as citizens on this planet, need to pay attention. We are all at risk from the disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods.

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