Eat a High Carb Diet

August 1, 2011
by Jacqui

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A High Carb Diet and Why?

A high carb diet translates into a high starch diet. A high starch diet is what all the large populations of the world have eaten for the last 10,000+ years. The reason we know this is because of the new archeology.

The old archeology determined that humans were hunter/gatherers because of the bones that have been discovered. The new archeology goes much deeper due to new microscopic methods and isotopic analysis techniques that measure trace chemical elements such as calcium, strontium and zinc. Another method is hair analysis. This was used to show that the Ice Man who lived some 5,000 years ago was primarily a vegan. Surprised?

How about the Roman Gladiators? Haven’t we all been taught that these men were huge, tough, fat and giant meat eaters? Or, perhaps we just assumed this was the case. In any event, a 200 sq. ft. grave site was discovered along the road to Ephesus. The Ephesus Cemetary contained the remains of 60 gladiators along with their weapons.

The bones were analysed and low and behold these men were vegans. They were heavy, big and muscular but certainly not obese. They were on a high carb diet. They were called the Hordearie or Barley Men. The bones were very strong, a great deal stronger than the average villager. They were fat rather than thin so that when they were cut they would bleed but not necessarily die. Couldn’t have a bunch of thin gladiators whose lives depended on fighting. Please give a look…Carbohydrate Rich Foods

Bone analysis and DNA point to the fact that 11,000 years ago barley and oats were the mainstay of the Middle Eastern Diet, while rice was the mainstay of the Asian Diet. 13,000 years ago potatoes were the primary diet of the people from the Andes while the Mayans lived primarily on corn. These people were vegans…not carnivores! Their prime diet was high starch yielding plenty of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Fruits and vegetables certainly contain carbohydrates, but if one only ate fruits and vegetables they would not get enough calories. Fruits contain around 90% carbohydrates but these carbs are primarily glucose and sucrose. Green and yellow vegetables store most of their calories as complex carbohydrates but contain very few total calories.

Brown rice, corn, whole grain pastas and flours, potatoes, yams, beans, peas and winter squashes contain large quantities of complex carbohydrates and consequently are known as starches. These foods store approximately 70% to 80% of their calories in the form of complex carbohydrates.

Think of cultures such as the Chinese, Japanese or Malaysians. Do you see overweight and/or obese people? 1.73 billion people cannot be wrong. These cultures have been around for thousands of years. Find out some Facts on Fat There is no fat in any of the above mentioned foods such as rice, corn, beans or potatoes.This constitutes a high carb diet and a low fat diet. The fat comes in and is saturated fat when butter, sour cream and a myriad of other dressings are piled on top of the corn, potatoes or whatever.

Perhaps you know someone who came to the U.S. as a nice thin Asian. Now the third and fourth generations come along and the family has taken to eating the rich American diet. Do you see what has happened? Not only has the weight piled on the individual, but so have the diseases that are so prevalent in the U.S.

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. Voltaire A great deal of the above information has come from the Dr. John McDougall Advanced Weekend in Santa Rosa, California. Dr. McDougall holds these weekends twice a year.

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