January 31, 2012
by Jacqui

I was listening to Dr. Rosati, M.D. the other day talking about Walter Kempner and the Era of Life Style Diseases.  Dr. Kempner was born outside of
Berlin, Germany on January 25th, 1903.  He worked in Cellular Physiology and ended up at Duke University in 1933.  Kempner  developed the original
Rice Diet so that he could help people with injured kidney tissue.  Not only did his patients do better but many other factors entered the picture such as loss of
weight, low cholesterol, and lowered blood pressure.  Patients were  put on a diet of 2000-2400 calories, 20-25 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, 460-565 grams of carbohydrates,
70-75 mg sodium, fluids and a multi vitamin daily.  Vegetables were added as tolerated along with small amounts of dairy, meat, fish and chicken.  The changes in the patients were
dramatic to say the very least!

Dr. Rosati met Dr. Kempner at Duke University and was so impressed by the health that patients were achieving because of the Kempner’s Rice Diet that he
developed  “A Healthy Way of Life Based on the Rice Diet Program.”  Rosati is one of those few wonderful physicians that have studied and applied healthy nutrition to his medical practice.
He feels that the tenets for a healthy life are based on Time for Yourself, Exercise, Mindfulness, A Healthy Way of Eating and Renewal.

I am very fortunate as I live on the Sea of Cortez and every morning I take about an hour’s walk on the beach listening to the waves, watching the dolphins and the birds and enjoying the exquisite range of colors that nature has given us.  If you don’t have a beach just take the time to smell the flowers, watch the clouds, listen to the singing of the birds and anything else that makes you joyfull.

Along with Dr. Rosati’s tenets giving us a way to health he mentions Pollan’s book entitled In Defense of Food.  There are do’s and don’t do’s that will give us a very good idea
of what to eat and what not to eat.  These are the rules according to Pollan.  They make a great deal of sense:

Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.

Avoid food products containing ingredients that are unfamiliar, unpronouncible, have more than 5 ingredients listed on the label and/or that include high fructose corn syrup,
and any GMO ‘d products (corn, soy, canola with many other veggies on Mansanto’s list!!)

Avoid products that make health claims.

Get out of average supermarkets whenever possible.  (Go to Farmer’s Markets and CSA’s (Citizens Support Agriculture.)

Eat wild whenever you can.

Regard non-traditional foods with skepticism.

Pay more – Eat less.

Eat meals.

Do all your eating at the table.

Eat slowly.

It’s not food if it’s arrived through the window of your car.

Sweeten and salt the food yourself

Eat only foods that will eventually rot.

I don’t agree with everything in the above list but I’m sure if we all adheared to the list we would be a lot healthier.  I believe that Whole Food’s Market is excellent along with Sprouts and Trader Joe’s.
Pollan didn’t include GMO foods in the above list but I’m sure he would have if everyone knew about them when he wrote the list originally.  I would agree that non-traditional foods should be regarded with
skepticism but there are some good ones.   Problem a lot of the time is that many of these foods are packaged which means the salt content has usually gone sky high.  You are far better off making them yourselves and knowing what is in them.  It is absolutely amazing that many packaged foods claim one thing and if one reads the ingredients the truth is just the opposite.  Scary!
Do read your labels and buy organic as much and as often as you can.  We are all worth it!!

Delicious Organic Veggies

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