Simply Healthy Lifestyle

September 9, 2010
by Jacqui

Welcome to my very first blog, Simply Healthy Lifestyle. 

This blog is designed to simplify your lifestyle and eliminate the confusion that has been going on for at least the last 30 years.

While the food production people, the nutritionists, and the chemists, not to mention the FDA, have gotten together and filled our grocery shelves with refined and processed foods, we have become the most unhealthy and obese nation on the planet. )

We will discuss the simply healthy lifestyle of the longest lived people on the planet. The foods they ate were whole foods and their immune systems were in excellent working order. These peoples live in totally different locales with different types of temperatures. We will discuss the benefits of a high starch diet along with whole foods and exercise.

Further, we will discuss the evidence that is irrefutable telling us how to stay clear of the major diseases that are killing Americans. Those diseases are diabetes, heart disease, several cancers and obesity. Yes, obesity is a disease and Americans along with a lot of the rest of the world, are becoming more obese by the day. Not only are we becoming more obese and overweight but diabetes is rampant along with heart disease and cancer.

Certainly we are not choosing the kind of healthy lifestyle that will hurt us intentionally. Most people are under the impression that the American Diet, which is spreading around the world, is not going to hurt them. It is hurting us. We have more cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Because of all this the Pharmaceutical Industry is swimming in money. They are “selling sickness.”

The Dairy Industry, the Meat Industry, The Cattlemen’s Association and the Junk Food Industry spend billions of dollars yearly so people will be convinced that what they are doing is the way to do it.   This certainly doesn’t lead to a simply healthy lifestyle.

Why do we have mandatory milk programs in our public schools if the school is to receive funding from the Federal Government when the evidence is mounting daily that dairy is harmful? Why are hospital foods so unhealthy? Why does the United States rank #1 in the world in per capita health care costs but #37 in the world in the quality of health care according to the United Nations?

And, here is a great one for you…Why is it not known that the #1 cause of death is not really heart disease, but instead it’s our ignorance of nutrition. One must have a good immune system. The way to achieve that is with whole foods.

Even the National Cancer Institute estimates that 35% of cancers can be prevented by diet and a healthy lifestyle.

How about money? It’s all about money and we, the people of the world, are the victims of these enormous corporations whose sole object in life is to satisfy their stock holders. It is the same with the Pharmaceutical Industry. This site isn’t about drug companies so we won’t even get into that one. But, wouldn’t it be exciting to change all this.

We can do this. Our factory farms, our genetically modified crops, our refined and processed foods are not geared to improve our health or our immune system and certainly not geared to give us a simply healthy lifestyle.

I am here to help you live a simply healthy lifestyle, build your immune system and have fun doing it.

I will help you anyway I can to accomplish this feat! We can have all the money in the world, but if we don’t have our health what good is it?

Along with this we will be privy to today’s modern technology such as Amized Fusion, energized nutrition, energized wellness, epigenetics.  For a closer look at today’s State of the Art technology please take a look at the Healthy Lifestyle site of  Jacqui Percious.

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