Why Did Steve Jobs Die?

April 5, 2012
by Jacqui

Dr. John McDougall presents “Why Did Steve Jobs Die?” from the McDougall Advanced Study Weekend, February 2012.


If Jobs’ had eaten a whole foods version of his otherwise healthy vegan diet, his chances of beating the cancer would have been greater. The idea of using diet to overcome cancer is not foolish at all, but I doubt his diet was optimal. Judging by the amount of body fat he is showing in many of his earlier photos and knowing that he frequently ate out, we can presume he was eating a lot of cooked oils/oxidized fats which, as Dr. McDougall said, are known cancer contributors.


  • Eileen Pasker says:

    I find Dr. McDougals talks worth while and spot on. I started watching his talks with the one about Steve Jobs. At the end of it there were more talks. My question is, how do you find that page with the different topics? I have brought up the one on Jobs and moved to the end of it but that isn’t convenient. Is there another method?

    • Jacqui says:

      There are a couple of things…Dr. McDougall has a website…he puts info on youtube all the time. Go to mcdougalmedia.com or go to google and look up Dr. John McDougall, or go to youtube and look up Dr. John McDougall. He has also written several books. All of which are excellent. He has a book, The McDougall Program, 12 Days to Dynamic Health along with several others. In fact, he just put out a new one. And, finally, he gives what he called Advanced Weekends. You can go in person to California or listen to many doctors and others in the know on the internet.
      Hope this helps…

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